“Making It in Magazines” talk

This past Tuesday, February 27th, I was thrilled to be able to speak to a group of writers in Columbus, Ohio at the Central Southern Ohio SCBWI chapter. I took them through why they might want write for children’s magazines, where to find submission information, what it’s like to write for a children’s magazine, and gave them tips on how to be successful. I had a great time, and I hope they did, too!

facebook-In-Stream_Square___talk.jpg large

And I’m excited to be doing it again at the SCBWI meeting in Cincinnati on May 21! 7pm at the Sharonville Public Library

Snacking During the Holidays?

A couple of fun facts as you contemplate holiday treats:

In theory, as long as it’s made with the proper preservatives and stored in an air-tight container, fruit cake can age 25 years and still be edible. I’m thinking you might not be able to tell the difference between fresh and 25-year-old fruit cake?

fruit cake

And strange-but-true candy cane flavors: bacon, wasabi, pickle, sriracha, and gravy. Really.


Holiday Under the Sea?

Seems like even the ocean creatures are decorating! The Candy Cane Shrimp and the Christmas Tree Worm are two very colorful and holiday-appropriate sea creatures!

The Candy Cane Shrimp (Alpheus randalli) shares a symbiotic relationship with the goby fish. The shrimp helps dig and maintain a shared burrow, and the goby warns the shrimp if danger is near.

The Christmas Tree Worm (Spirobranchus giganteus) is a burrowing, segmented worm found on coral reefs. It’s only about 1.5 inches long, and it breathes and catches food via its “branches.”