Marvelous Midwest!

I’m thrilled to be part of the faculty at the SCBWI Midwest convention “Marvelous Midwest” in Naperville, IL, May 3-5, 2019. I’ll be leading “Make It in Magazines,” a 50-minute breakout session that shows writers and illustrators the ins and out of submitting to and being published in children’s magazines. I can’t wait til May!

Marvelous Midwest

So What Does a Contributing Editor Do, Anyway?

A “Contributing Editor” has two jobs: writing (that’s the ‘contributing’ part) and editorial.  I’m part of a team that includes other incredibly talented editors and art designers, but here’s how the job breaks down for me:

“Contributing”: Sometimes I pitch ideas for the magazine, and sometimes I’m given assignments. For example, ASK has an upcoming issue about garbage and recycling. For that one, I pitched an article about a visit to a recycling center, and I was assigned an article about middens (ancient garbage dumps).

“Editor”: On the creative side, I help come up with issue ideas, am another set of eyes during reviews of art and article layouts, and consult on how a story reads. On the practical side, I proofread and copy edit.

Being a Contributing Editor means constant variety, and I love every minute of it!