To write entertaining yet informative nonfiction for young readers

Work Experience

Contributing editor for Click, ASK, and Muse magazines, 2018-present, Cricket Media

Published Works

Magazine Articles

“Sniffing for Scat”                                         Click, April 2020

“Dance Around the World”                         Click, March 2020

“A Day at Cerén”                                             ASK, February 2020

“Where Does Your Lunch Come From?”     Click, February 2020

“Taking Care of Baby”                                   Click, January 2020

“Time for Winter”                                          Click, November/December 2019

“Calling Grandma”                                         Click, November/December 2019

“The Deepest Dive”                                        ASK, October 2019

“Stephanie’s Strange Mixture”                    Spider, September 2019

“A Visit to the Aquarium”                             Click, September 2019

“Bird Collector”                                              Click, September 2019

“Science@Work: Amanda Jefferson”         Muse, September 2019

“Plastic Pile-up”                                              Muse, September 2019

“The Dyer’s Hand”                                         ASK, September 2019

“Boxing Kangaroos”                                       Click, July/August 2019

“Kangaroo Hop”                                             Click, July/August 2019

“Your Sore Throat”                                         Click, May/June 2019

“Seeking Life on Mars”                                  ASK, May/June 2019

“Critter Fiddlers”                                             Click, April 2019

“A Day at the Races”                                      ASK, April 2019

“Science@Work: Whitney Griffith”                Muse, March 2019

“A Clean Sweep”                                            Click, March 2019

“A Visit to the Recycling Center”                   Click, March 2019

“How to Recycle Everything”             ASK, March 2019

“What the Past Throws Out”                           ASK, March 2019

“A Yummy Invention”                                    Click, February 2019

“For the Win”                                                  Muse, February 2019

“Spring in the Arctic”                                      Click, January 2019

“Fox Tail/Tail’s End”                                      Click, January 2019

“Flying Snakes”                                              Click, October 2018

“The Sea’s Super Slimer”                               ASK, October 2018

“The Spooky Science of Fear”                        Highlights, October 2018

“Building Bionic Bodies”                                ASK, September 2018

“The Bird that Sings with Its Wings”              ASK, July/August 2018

“More Precious than Gold”                             ASK May/June 2018

“Rivers Under the Sea”                                   ASK, February 2018

“Magic Noodles”                                            ASK, January 2018

“Untangling a Giant Web Mystery”                Highlights, October 2017

“The Man Who Made Monsters”                    ASK, October 2017

“The Man Who Built a Better Leg”                 Cricket, July/August 2017

“Safety by Accident”                                       ASK, May/June 2017

“Catching Frogs in the Clouds”                      Spider, forthcoming

“Real Life Dragons”                                        Spider, forthcoming

“Hop! Hop!”                                                   High Five, forthcoming 


Protecting the Amazon Rain Forest (Saving Earth’s Biomes)

North Star Editions, 2020

Aztec Civilization (Civilizations of the World)

North Star Editions, 2019.

 Uncle John’s Totally Quacked for Kids Only Bathroom Reader

Portable Press, 2014


 Highlights Magazine Author of the Month, October 2017

Guest Speaker/Conference Faculty

For Adults:

“Make It in Magazines.”

SCBWI Columbus 2018

SCBWI Cincinnati 2018

SCBWI Marvelous Midwest 2019

SCBWI Dayton 2019

“The Craft of Children’s Magazines: A Hands-On Workshop”

SCBWI Columbus 2019

For Children:

“Rocking Your Revision”

St. Columban School, 2018

 Workshops Attended

Nonfiction: Crafting Picture Books and Articles         Highlights Foundation 2015

Nuts and Bolts of Science Writing                                  Highlights Foundation 2016, 2018

Harold Underdown: Editing Without an Editor          2018



Author’s Guild