Spiders that weave building-engulfing webs? The clumsy chemist who invented safety glass? Turducken through the ages?

Tracy Vonder Brink     I’m Tracy Vonder Brink, and I have an insatiable curiosity for facts and true stories. (Yes, I’m that person…the one who looks up whether or not a movie has the history right and who seeks out articles about every newly discovered critter–the weirder, the better!)

Nothing’s more intriguing than the stories behind the facts, and I’ve written nonfiction articles for all ages, kids to adults. My work has appeared in Highlights, Click, Spider, ASK, Cricket, and Muse magazines, as well as in Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. I’m also a contributing editor for Click, ASK, and Muse magazines.

My goal is to continue to write lively, engaging nonfiction…especially for young readers!