What kind of spider weaves the biggest web you’ve ever seen? How did the ancient Maya like their chocolate? What lurks in the deepest part of the ocean?

Tracy Vonder Brink

I’m Tracy Vonder Brink, and I love facts and true stories–especially the weird ones!

I’ve published over 30 nonfiction articles for kids (and some for adults, too). My work has appeared in Highlights, High Five, Click, Spider, ASK, Cricket, and Muse magazines, as well as in Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. I’m also a contributing editor for Click, ASK, and Muse magazines.

I’ve written a book about the Aztecs for North Star Editions and a book about the Amazon rain forest, also for North Star, and I have forthcoming nonfiction books for Capstone.

My goal is make fantastic facts and incredible true stories fun for young readers.